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I thought “why not going to the new H&M and film ourselves having some fun?” So here we are, my hot GF Sabrina and I in a changing room, she’s trying on a sexy bra with her pierced pussy showing, she then can’t wait and decide to take off my belt. I was (almost) already hard and wanted but one thing, put it in her mouth, and that’s exactly what I did. Couple minutes into it and I felt the urge of fucking her right there. Which is exactly what we did! Just check out the video and see for yourself. This is my best self shot video so far, hope you like it and comment and tell me if you want us to make more of them!
ps: it’s a large video so please be patient, might take a bit of buffering before starting…

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26 September, 2012

Yup, i can lick them on my own, i figured it was time for me to participate as I have been reading your blog for over 2 years now. Hope you like what you see, don’t be mean please, this is my first time doing it… Thanks! ^^
ps: let me know if the zip file is ok, i can also send the FLV file on its own

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I absolutely LOVE riding Dave’s cock and he assures me it’s a great view from where he’s laying, plus I know a lot of our members initially signed up when we first started ‘cos of our earlier videos where I’m on top, grinding my ass and fucking until I cum.

This sort of sex never gets old for us and it makes us both ready for more watching it back on the laptop in bed. Dave asked me to put some hold-ups on which are similar to stockings, as it’s not often I wear them while we have sex.

I couldn’t think of anything to wear with them but I remembered Dave loves the feel of my silky nightie and helps get him super-hard, so I threw it on, got on top of him and had a full blown orgasm right before he cums.. love it! x x

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